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Minimalist Wardrobe Challenge: Am I Really Doing This?!

I can’t believe I’m doing this. This minimalist wardrobe challenge is happening. The minimalist lifestyle is calling me and I have challenged myself to wear only TEN items for the entire month of March.

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10 Piece Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe Experiment

What is a 10 Piece Minimalist Wardrobe?

A 10 piece minimalist wardrobe is based on a European style of dressing in which a person only has 10 items that they wear over and over. The 10 items are very good quality and suit the person’s style to a T.

I’ll let Jennifer L. Scott elaborate on this minimalist wardrobe concept in this TEDx talk:

My 10 Piece Minimalist Wardrobe

I must be crazy, but I want to do this Minimalist Wardrobe challenge so bad! You wear only 10 items. Can I do it?

For the entire month of March 2016, I plan to challenge myself to wear only the following 10 items (similar linked).

  1. black tee
  2. black tank
  3. black striped long sleeve top
  4. white striped thin sweater
  5. grey tunic sweater
  6. chambray button down
  7. black fleece long sleeve top
  8. black thick leggings
  9. boyfriend jeans
  10. bootcut jeans

Of course I’ll need shoes and some accessories, but they are not included in the 10 pieces of clothing. I also have a white tank and black cami that I wear as undergarments since some of my tops are a bit sheer. I will add the following items to supplement the 10 piece minimalist wardrobe.

  • black flats
  • brown boots
  • grey sneakers
  • animal print scarf
  • black crossbody purse
  • sunglasses
  • embellished baseball cap

I figured out that I can make 18 different outfits with these items, meaning I will wear most outfits twice (or more!) during the month of my minimalist wardrobe challenge. Some I won’t repeat or even wear at all. Almost all of my tops can go with all of my bottoms. The exceptions are that I probably won’t wear the black tank with the leggings, and I’m not into the denim tuxedo look so I’ll skip wearing the chambray with the jeans. I’ve put together some of my favorite combinations below. Pin the image to your style board! Just hover over it and click the pink PIN IT button that pops up.I must be crazy, but I want to do this Minimalist Wardrobe challenge so bad! You wear only 10 items. Can I do it?

Challenges of a Minimalist Wardrobe

The Europeans in the example that Ms. Scott describes in her TEDx talk wore items of high quality. Some of my tops are not all the best quality, so I will need to be careful with some when washing. I will replace items with better quality versions as they wear out, but hopefully that does not happen during my challenge.

I already do laundry daily so I am not worried about not having something clean to wear, but that is something to consider if you decide to take on a similar challenge.

I have checked my calendar and I do not have any special occasions during the month of March that I will need to dress up for beyond what I can put together with these 10 items. If I do need a special occasion dress, I do have one that I can pull out of the back of the closet. If I were to permanently switch to a 10 item wardrobe in the future, I will use a rental service for special occasion items.

So what do you think of my minimalist wardrobe challenge? Could you ever dress with only 10 items?

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