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Today I put together a bunch crockpot meals to have on hand to keep in my freezer. We’ve been eating out or ordering in way too much lately and I’m sick of feeling gross and bloated all the time because of it! So I looked up freezer meals on Pinterest and found a blog called Newleaf Wellness that puts together a list of slow cooker friendly freezer meals every month. After digging through a few of their posts, I bookmarked 8 meals to try.

What I like best (besides how easy dinners will be!) is that these meals are all made with whole foods and are dairy free and can be made grain free depending on what you choose to serve them with. The only one that isn’t super clean is the meatball one because I just used whatever meatballs I found at Aldi. But you could totally make your own or get some that fit with a special diet.

Here’s what’s cooking (all recipes from Newleaf Wellness):

And me being me, I had to make some cute labels to go with them on my baggies! Download them free here (use the links below the image, there are 2 pdf files) and then print on sticker paper. Maybe soon I’ll update this post with a grocery list as well!

freezer label sheet 1   |   freezer label sheet 2

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