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Fall Capsule Wardrobe: 2015

Are you on the capsule wardrobe bandwagon yet? A capsule wardrobe is a wonderful way to get your closet organized. I’ve selected 35 pieces for my fall capsule wardrobe that can mix and match for seemingly endless outfit choices. These pieces work for my lifestyle and are great for layering to cope with weird Houston weather. I’ve chosen my pieces to fit my life at this point in time. I’m a work at home mom to a 5-year-old. I value comfort over trends, and my current style is minimalist classic. I’ll be using this 2015 Fall capsule wardrobe for the months of October, November, and December.

fall capsule wardrobe

Because I’m in Houston, I understand that there’s no telling what the weather will be like and when it will get cold. I remember wearing shorts one year on Christmas Eve, and the next year it snowed enough to make a tiny snowman. So if have to replace the shorter sleeves with some sweaters or more long sleeves as the year ends, that’s okay.

2015 Fall Capsule Wardrobe Pieces:

Fall Capsule Wardrobe | Pink Rose Organizing Company

  • 12 tops
  • 6 bottoms
  • 2 dresses
  • 2 jackets
  • 1 vest
  • 5 pairs of shoes
  • 2 bags
  • 2 necklaces
  • scarf, watch, sunglasses

My fall capsule wardrobe might look boring to you. That’s because I prefer to dress in a minimalist style. I like solids and neutrals, and stripes when I’m feeling really crazy. I use playful prints like leopard print, snakeskin, or tortoiseshell to add some personality to my fall capsule wardrobe, but those are still pretty neutral. And that’s okay, because that’s what works for me. I don’t have sky-high stilettos or business suits because that’s not my everyday life. I don’t have stacks of bangles because I get annoyed with things jangling around on my wrist.

You might add colorful scarves or a different bag for every day of the week. The point is to choose the items that YOU love and that fit into your EVERY DAY life. You don’t have to stop at 35. Maybe your number is 50. That’s okay! Capsule wardrobes don’t have to be rigid or restricting.

If you missed it, here are 5 reasons why I think everyone should get dressed with a capsule wardrobe: Get it Together with a Capsule Wardrobe

What do you think about a capsule wardrobe? Is it something you’d consider trying?

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