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10×10 Minimalist Wardrobe Challenge Winter 2017

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The 10x10 wardrobe challenge is hosted by Caroline from Unfancy and Lee of Style Bee. The idea is to wear 10 pieces for 10 days. Could you do it?

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10x10 Winter Wardrobe Challenge

Lee gives a really great rundown of the 10x10 challenge on her site. Caroline talked about her winter 10x10 remix here. I decided to join the fun because it’s only 2 weeks into winter and I’m having a hard time with my winter capsule already. Y’all, it’s so hot!

For my 10x10 challenge, I went with 2 pants, 5 tops, 1 dress, and 2 shoes. I kind of wish I had shorts and flip flops in there, but it is what it is I guess.

10x10 Winter Wardrobe Remix. Can you wear 10 items for 10 days? Similar to 10 piece capsule wardrobe but only 10 days.


My 10 Items


I picked the most comfortable bottoms I own: denim leggings and black leggings. I love how the denim leggings look just like jeans. The black leggings are nice and thick. And they both feel like pajamas pretty much. Love me some pjs pants. These bottoms are extremely comfortable but can still look put together when styled right.

It’s going to be hot and rainy for most of my ten days. I wish I had some shorts in my winter capsule, but it’s winter and when I built the capsule it was pretty dang cold so I left them out. I do have a pencil skirt in my capsule, but I thought I’d get more wear out of what I picked.


It was kind of difficult to pick tops for this 10x10 remix challenge. The idea is to layer to create new looks. But like I said, it’s hot! I have a short sleeve black v-neck tee, a white henley style blouse, a green and black striped swingy tee, a light colored chambray button down, and a navy long tee shirt knit open cardigan.

As I write this out, I realized that I used the exact formula that Lee suggests in her post for selecting the 10 items for this remix. Interesting!


I chose this green dress because it’s lightweight and casual, and it can be worn as a tunic style top. I am sure it will be a welcome choice when I just can’t stand this winter heat anymore!


I almost chose my plain black flats, but decided that since I’m definitely using my favorite black booties already, I better pick something different. So instead I went with the cream quilted flats for some variety.


10x10 Remix Outfits

I made a list of the outfits that I think will work, but I haven’t tried them yet. I thought I’d share that list with you to help you visualize how this will work. I will update later this week with photos of the outfits I’ve worn by then, and you can follow me on Instagram @kristankremer to see daily updates of my outfits of the day.

Also, I’ll use layering tanks (black or white) when necessary for modesty, but they won’t ever be worn as tops so I’m not counting them in this challenge. Bags and jewelry don’t count either! I’m eager to get better at using my accessories to add give a different look to my outfits.

Denim leggings, v neck tee, long cardigan, booties

Denim leggings, v neck tee, booties

Denim leggings, stripe tee, flats

Denim leggings, henley, long cardi, booties

Denim leggings, henley, flats

Denim leggings, chambray, booties

Green dress, booties

Green dress, denim leggings, long cardigan, flats

Green dress, chambray (tied), booties

Green dress, black leggings, flats

Black leggings, white henley, long cardigan, booties

Black leggings, stripe tee, booties

Black leggings, v neck tee, booties

Black leggings, v neck tee, chambray (tied or open), booties

Black leggings, chambray, flats

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